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Jessica Rosado

Designer. Photographer. Creative Director. Producer. Professional Problem Solver. 

All of these words are used to describe the wide range of skills I’ve garnered over the last 15 years. Over those years, I’ve noticed a great need for a personable experience while looking for a one-stop shop that can help with all business needs surrounding rich media, design, & branding. It was with those needs in mind that I built üme creative. 

I reside just outside of Baltimore with my husband and two brilliant kids. I enjoy working with my hands and DIY projects of all kinds, traveling, The X-Files, strong coffee, thrifting, Allan Watts lectures, and black & white films. In my spare time I also enjoy running and painting.

Having started college at the age of 16, after being homeschooled for most of my life, allowed me the opportunity to explore creative and educational options at a young age without the burden and sometimes stifling nature of adulthood. I attribute this to one of the main reasons I was able to find my passion at such a young age, in turn allowing me to explore unbounded creativity and develop into the dedicated and passionate artist that I am today.

I look forward to working with you and creating your dream! 


Jose Rosado

Photographer. Retoucher. Marketing Guru. Humanitarian. Writer. 


I'm a Philadelphia native residing in Baltimore with a background in Communications with a Bachelors in Advertising and an MBA in Marketing, though you'd never guess so when meeting me. Being self-taught always kept me pretty humble since the only way I seem to know how to learn something is the hard way. Along with photography, I also teach at some local colleges, host a podcast called The Angry Millennial, + work as a Staff Writer for Fstoppers & contributor for BorrowLensesPetapixel + Chimera.

A cause that is near to my heart is Creatives Aga;nst Depression—an initiative created to start a larger conversation about mental health awareness in the US to help erase the stigma behind depression, anxiety, + suicide, especially in the arts community. If you're interested in sharing your story or even speaking at one of our college events, please reach out via our Contact Form.

Clients include: Verizon Mobile, LinkedIn Corp., AJ Foyt Racing, Grant Capital Management, Baltimore Grand Prix, Mazda USA, NY Giants and more.

Photography portfolio:

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